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Our social housing offering at Basic House includes modern, modular construction using the latest insulation and energy efficiency techniques. We only use high-quality materials and are committed to providing affordable and sustainable living solutions for everyone.

Modern construction methods for sustainable living

We use modern construction methods and technologies to make our apartments ecologically sustainable and energy efficient. Insulation and heat supply are of great importance to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Commitment to social housing

Our commitment to social housing goes beyond construction. We work closely with communities and local stakeholders to ensure our homes meet the needs and desires of local residents. We believe in the positive impact of a good living environment on quality of life and health and are therefore happy to take a leading role in social housing.

  • Modern, modular constructions;
  • Use of only high-quality materials;
  • Focus on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency;
  • working with communities;
  • Improving the quality of life through a good living environment.
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Efficient hot water supply and heating with a thermal battery

Efficient hot water supply and heating with a thermal battery

The high thermal capacity of the thermal battery makes it possible to design building systems differently and operate them more energy-efficiently. By storing heat in the thermal battery, heating and hot water supply can be regulated according to demand without requiring high electrical power.

This can reduce energy consumption while ensuring reliable heat and hot water supply. The use of a thermal battery can thus contribute to reducing energy consumption and costs for heating and hot water supply, while increasing comfort in buildings.

Combination with other efficient technologies

The combination of the thermal battery and other efficient technologies makes it possible to even achieve so-called "zero-energy consumption." Through the intelligent combination of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and the efficient use of stored heat in the thermal battery, buildings can be designed to have (almost) no energy consumption. This not only protects the environment but also achieves considerable savings in energy costs.



Social responsibility


We are aware of our social responsibility and work closely with communities to ensure that our housing project has a positive impact on the environment. We value sustainable practices and use environmentally friendly materials to contribute to environmental protection.

We work hard to develop and implement innovative solutions for social housing to ensure that our apartments meet the highest standards.

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