Renovation of flats, apartments and business premises

Renovation of flats, apartments and business premises

Modular building renovation concept


If you are considering building renovation, consider using modular elements:

  • Prefabricated and reusable construction saves time and reduces costs
  • Short interruption of living comfort for residents
  • Reusability saves costs and protects the environment
  • Faster, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly renovation possible

    So take advantage of modular elements and renovate your building faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly!

Modular elements - the versatile solution for renovation projects of all sizes

  • Renovate quickly, efficiently and environmentally friendly with modular building elements
  • Suitable for renovation projects of all sizes, from apartments to large buildings
Improve energy efficiency and the living environment by using facade elements when renovating buildings

Facade elements are increasingly being used in residential buildings to achieve energy efficiency and a better living environment Apartmentbesitzer können während der Renovierung in ihren Wohnungen bleiben, während die Fassade innerhalb weniger Wochen renoviert wird

Steps renovation:

  • Measurement of the building using laser scanning and creation of a point cloud
  • Control of the laser scanning/point cloud data on site by our project manager/assembly manager
  • Creation of wall element drawings including static calculation and development of object-related fastening solutions
  • Integration of ventilation solutions and sun protection in the wall elements by in-house engineers
  • Manufacture of the wall elements in our factory, weatherproof packaging and transport to the construction site
  • Assembly of the wall elements either by our own assembly teams or by a service provider, supported by our assembly manager

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