Energy efficient homes for a sustainable future

Energy self-sufficient living - sustainability and economy in one

Passive solar technologies

Our apartments use the sun's natural energy to store heat in winter and dissipate it in summer. With the latest technologies such as solar panels and geothermal energy, our apartments are self-sufficient and you do not need to purchase gas or electricity.

Energy efficiency through insulation

Insulating walls, roofs and floor slabs helps to reduce a house's energy requirements. Good insulation can ensure that less heating energy is required to keep the house warm. Choosing the right windows and doors can also help to reduce energy consumption. Windows and doors with a high level of thermal insulation keep the heat in the house in winter and prevent too much heat from entering in summer.

energy self-sufficiency

With a modular house from us, you can live autonomously and energy-neutrally. Excellent insulation of walls and windows keeps your house warm in winter and cool in summer, which means you use less energy.

Sustainable Building

Our timber frame construction attaches great importance to building in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We only use natural and renewable materials and rely on energy-efficient technologies to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.


In addition to sustainability and energy efficiency, we also offer competitive prices for our quality homes. So not only do you get an eco-friendly and energy-efficient home, you also get one that is affordable for your wallet.


The energy-neutral household: advantages of a zero-energy house

A zero-energy home, also known as an energy-neutral property, offers a number of home comfort and financial benefits. If you are interested in an environmentally friendly and at the same time cost-effective housing option, a zero-energy house is an excellent choice.

Living comfort

  • Pleasant living climate through even
  • temperatures and fresh air supply
  • No drafts due to airtight walls
    Warm floors and even room heating

Financial profits

  • Very low to no energy costs through the use of renewable energies
  • Self-contained power generation using solar energy, heat pumps, brine and storage batteries
Efficient hot water supply and heating with a thermal battery

Thermal capacity of the heat battery
The high thermal capacity of the heat battery enables building systems to be designed differently and operated more efficiently. By storing heat in the heat battery, heating and hot water supply can be regulated according to demand without the need for high electrical power. 

This can reduce energy consumption while ensuring a reliable supply of heat and hot water. Therefore, the use of a heat battery can contribute to reducing energy consumption and costs for heating and hot water supply while increasing comfort in buildings.

Combination with other efficient technologies
The combination of the heat battery and other efficient technologies makes it possible to achieve even a so-called "zero-energy consumption". By intelligently combining renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and the efficient use of stored heat in the heat battery, buildings can be designed to have (almost) no energy consumption. This not only protects the environment, but also achieves considerable savings in energy costs.

Realize your dream of an energy self-sufficient and sustainable home - with us

With energy self-sufficient living from us, you not only get an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home, but also a high quality of life and low energy costs.

We rely on sustainable construction and only use natural and renewable materials. By using solar technologies and geothermal energy, we achieve energy self-sufficiency. Insulation and choosing the right windows and doors also help to reduce energy consumption.

Invest in the future with us and achieve a zero-energy house with a pleasant living environment and low energy costs.

Let us advise you and make your dream of an energy-efficient and sustainable home come true.


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